Natsumi Chikayasu is an illustrator from Japan, and an illustration graduate from Falmouth University, UK. Her works are inspired by arts, feminism, sciences, places and their intersections. Currently based in greater Tokyo.

近安 夏海 (チカヤス ナツミ)


Contact / 連絡先


instagram: @_natsunoumi

twitter: @_natsumic
Awards & Recognitions / 受賞歴

AOI World Illustration Awards - Shortlisted for Editorial New Talent + SAA Agents’ Award (2020)

iJungle Illustration Awards, Merit Award (2019)

Exhibitions / 展示歴

World Illustration Awards Online Showcase (2020)

ASYAAF (Asian Students & Young Artists Art Festival), South Korea (2020)

Falmouth University Degree Show, UK (2019)

Features / 掲載

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Shado magazine - newsletter artist spotlight  

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