Natsumi Chikayasu is an illustrator from Japan, and a recent illustration graduate from Falmouth University, UK. Her works are inspired by arts, feminism, science, places and their intersections. Currently based in greater Tokyo.

近安 夏海 (チカヤス ナツミ)

Contact / 連絡先

instagram: @_natsunoumi

Awards & Recognitions / 受賞歴

World Illustration Awards Online Showcase (2020)

AOI World Illustration Awards - Shortlisted for Editorial New Talent + SAA Agents’ Award (2020)

iJungle Illustration Awards, Merit Award (2019)

Exhibitions / 展示歴
ASYAAF (Asian Students & Young Artists Art Festival), South Korea (2020)

Falmouth University Degree Show, UK (2019)

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